Lift Supports

Your vehicle’s lift supports are what keep the trunk, hood, liftgate or hatch raised safely in the air. Whether you are getting the groceries out of your vehicle, checking your oil or loading up your trunk for vacation, you depend on your lift supports. Although many people never even give the lift supports in their vehicle a second thought, they weren’t designed to last forever, and they will eventually need to be replaced. 

Lift supports are able to hold your liftgate, trunk, hood or hatch open because they create energy through the compression of gas inside of a cylinder. Over time, frequent use, natural permeation and exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the lift support to fail. Although a failing lift support won’t put you in any danger out on the road, it can be incredibly inconvenient. 

Is it time to replace a lift support in your Nissan? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are Conicelli Nissan, and we are your premier source for Nissan dealer parts. Each and every one of our parts was made by Nissan for Nissan, so when you shop with us, you’ll never have to worry about ending up with a part that won’t fit or function in your vehicle as it should. 

Shop our huge selection of lift supports here, or find the perfect lift support for your vehicle by entering the year, make and model on our home page. If you are having trouble finding the right lift support for your vehicle, contact us. We offer out-of-this-world customer service, and we are always ready to help. 

Support Cylinder Ball Stud
Positions: Left, Right
Other Names: Strut Support Ball Stud, Lift Cylinder Stud, Support Cylinder Stud, Support Strut Ball Stud, Support Cylinder Stay, Ball Stud,... More
Replaces: 90456-01P00, 90456-40F00, 90456-40U00, 90456-40U10, 90456-50J00, 90456-70T00, 90456-AD000, 90456-P7100, 90457-70T00
Description: Without canopy. More
  • Nissan:
    • 240SX,
    • 370Z,
    • Armada,
    • Maxima,
    • Murano,
    • Pathfinder,
    • Pulsar NX,
    • Quest,
    • Rogue,
    • Rogue Select
  • 5 more